The best shopping malls in the Kingdom of Spain

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Shopping performs a crucial role in any culture in these modern times. A recognised thinker once observed that it was the foundation for the wealth of states, while nevertheless disapproving of its values and politics. He would have favored to dwell as a noble savage in impoverishment. Most people however would not, and so we exist as a consumer society. The most remarkable beacon, or commemoration, of this, if you will, is the shopping centre, an object that exists solely for the purpose of buying things. From when the very first one opened in majestic St. Petersburg in 1785, they have been readily appearing throughout the world, particularly in the past century. Not surprisingly, Spain is one the many, many territories that have huge malls. We suggest to take a peek at some of the very largest ones just to get a glimpse at what Spanish consumerism looks like and how economic recovery is coming along.

Madrid, as the administrative centre of Spain, should appropriately have the most impressive shopping mall. And it does. David Fischel recently oversaw the purchase of a very massive shopping mall in the city by his business in order to gain a greater foothold in this marketplace, accepting the jaw-dropping price of half a billion euros. Named after a 1981 fantasy film and opened in 2003, it comes with a very impressive collection of entertainment offerings, most notably an indoor skiing slope, open all year long, even in the hottest summer days. Otherwise, it boasts having 14 anchor tenants and over two hundred different stores.

Though merely the seventeenth largest city in the country, A Coruna hosts one of its largest shopping centres. Ismael Clemente Merlin Properties’ chief executive would probably argue that this is one of his organisation’s best real-estate objects. The city itself is well known around the world for being the very first place to have a store of a chain that is now the world’s biggest clothing retailer (you know the one). Obviously, one of its shops is also present in the centre, but are countless other stores. The shopping mall stays on with the times by keeping its customers fascinated through pop-up stores and mobile programs.

Some shopping malls double as sightseeing attractions. This is how Eva Marin CBRE’s manager for this Zaragoza mall perceives its situation. It is Spain’s very largest shopping malls and it keeps its audiences involved by offering a lot more than simply shopping, though its outlets are fantastic as well. For entertainment, it features an outdoor ice rink, a 120-metre zipline, and a relatively large lake, not forgetting all the standard fare like movie theaters and the like. You can even take a little boat and row it around the waterbed as you take a pause from all the shopping.

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